Ordeal Registration

NOTE: The registration system has changed from DoubleKnot to Tentaroo

Having been elected (youth) or selected (adult) and properly called out you are now ready to continue with the inductions process to become a member in the Lodge and the Order of the Arrow.

There is only one step left, attend an Ordeal within one year of the unit election date. Use the registration links below to get signed up.

Notice to ALL candidates:

According to the Order of the Arrow Guide to Inductions, events and tests during the Ordeal are given in a stated sequence. Disrupting the sequence for any reason gravely takes away from the entire Ordeal experience; therefore, any candidate who leaves the Ordeal for any reason before the Ordeal ceremony withdraws himself from candidacy in the Order of the Arrow.

No walk-ins will be accepted and everyone must register. An acknowledgement of your payment will not be sent.

Important Information You Should KnowNo matter what you’ve been told by any other adult leader you must arrive at camp on Friday night before 9:00 pm. You must stay until you are dismissed Sunday morning by approximately 10:00 am. The activities Saturday night and Sunday morning are designed to enrich your Ordeal experience. You are not free to leave Saturday night.

You must bring to camp a copy of parts A & B of your BSA Annual Health and Medical Record to be turned in at check-in.

The Lodge conducts weekends in the Spring and Fall during which you can go through your Ordeal. These are held at the Council’s camps.

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