2019 Fall Induction Candidates

2019 OA Fall Induction

Hi Everyone,
So… it looks like you have register for the OA Induction Weekend at Bert Adams Scout Camp on November 1-3. That’s great and I look forward to seeing you there! Are you unsure what to expect or have questions regarding what to bring? Check the Egwa Tawa Dee Lodge’s New Candidate page or Kennesaw Chapter’s New Candidate page for information that should answer the bulk of your questions.
You should have received a welcome letter back when you were elected, but if you haven’t, you can read over it here. Our Chapter website also has a “What to Bring” page that you should definitely look over. The biggest thing you need to remember to bring is a copy of your BSA Medical Form parts A & BEach scout will turn in his/her own form during Friday night check in at the Love Dining Hall. One other item you might recall is something called a “Spirit of the Arrow” Booklet that you were given at your election. If you no longer have it, don’t worry, you can find and print a new copy of it HERE. This is the 1st of 8 booklets that you will receive throughout the weekend to help explain the OA.
As you will see on the “What to Bring” page, items are split into two categories. Things you will need Friday night and things you won’t need until Saturday. For Friday night, I personally recommend trying to carry as little as possible. The most important items are: Sleeping bag, ground cloth/tarp (this should be big enough to lay on and wrap over yourself to keep morning dew off you as the first night we will be sleeping out under the stars), work gloves, water bottle, and rain jacket if the weather looks questionable. There are other items on the Friday night list that I would consider “optional”. We will have to carry our gear a some distance on Friday night and potentially on Saturday morning as well, so the less you have, the better. You should also try and pack these items to be easily portable preferably in some sort of backpack. The other items INCLUDING A TENT should be packed in a separate bag. These items will be left at our meetup location on Friday night and will not be used until the following day. Make sure you bring your Class A as you will need it for Saturday afternoon/night and Sunday Morning.
Finally, the final schedule has not be released yet, however check in will be roughly from 6:00-8:30 PM at Love Dining Hall. I know it can be difficult to get out to Bert Adams on Friday Evenings and traffic is not always predictable, but please try to arrive no later than 8:30 PM to make sure we have time for Friday evening ceremony. New Members will not be released until Sunday morning at approximately 10:00 AM. It is very important that newly inducted candidates stay through Sunday morning as we have a program specifically for new members that helps them understand what events are coming up, how normal lodge events are run, and a bunch of other really useful information about the OA. Newly Inducted Members will also get their “swag” at the end of the program on Sunday, so no matter what any person tells you, please stay until the entire group is dismissed as a whole.
I have included Bert Adam’s address as well as a map showing where the Love Dining Hall is in relation to the camp entrance. Hopefully the above information answers the bulk of your questions. However if you have additional questions, please let me know as soon as possible. For all scouts with food allergies, as long as you noted your specific needs during the registration process, your needs WILL be met. However feel free to double check by asking during check in.
If you have any questions or concerns after looking over the above in, please feel free to reach out to me at OAKennesaw@gmail.com.
Bert Adams Scout Camp
218 Scout Rd
Covington, GA 30016


Andrew Budzinski
OA Kennesaw Chapter Advisor
Foothill District Communication Chair & Webmaster
Assistant Scoutmaster Troop 2319