Adult Nominations


  • Active Scouts BSA Registration for nomination year
  • 15 nights camping (5 must be from a single long term camp out and the other 10 must come from events lasting no more than 72 hours) within the last 2 years


Adult nominations should not be made as a form of reward or recognition. The key role of adults within the Lodge is the support of the program for the youth. The primary method of support for youth is helping get youth to and from events. If you are considering an adult nomination, be sure the they are an adult who can and will commit to attend Chapter and Lodge functions and who will help your OA youth get to and from Chapter and Lodge Events.

Please click the link below for a fillable copy of the Adult Nomination Form. All adult Nominations should be emailed to by March 31st with a subject of “Adult Nomination Troop ####”

**Special Note**

Due to COVID closing many long term camping locations, for the 2021 Election Year ONLY, the 15 nights camping does not need to include 5 long term camping nights. Instead, all 15 nights can be accomplished via short term campouts. This is for Youth & Adult Eligibility. Read Egwa’s Announcement HERE or OA National’s Announcement HERE.

Adult Candidate Nomination Form (Revised 01/11/2021)