Chapter Meeting Changes for Tonight!

Hi Eveyrone,

Sorry, I know this last minute, but I would like to make a small change to our Chapter meeting tonight. Instead of gathering at 7:15, performing opening flags at 7:30, and starting our chapter meeting close to 8:00, I would like to try and reverse the order for tonight with the goal better accommodating some of the adults who may need to attend a different breakout so they don’t have to choose where they go. Therefore, for tonight we will:

  • Conduct our Chapter Meeting from 7:00 PM – 7:25 PM in our new location (see below)
  • Then head down to the main room and perform opening flags at 7:30 PM

After opening flags, all who wish to stay for the announcements, Big Rock Topic, and other break outs are welcome to, however not required. This should also help scouts who are attending just for the OA portion to get home earlier on a school night than they otherwise would.

New Location
As a reminder, our location has changed. We now meet at Holy Family Catholic Church. We will meet in the same room as last time, marked with the blue star below.