Chapter Winter Campout

OA Kennesaw will be holding a winter camp out Jan 31, 2020 – Feb 2, 2020 at Camp Westin on Lake Allatoona. Mark your calendars! You must sign up HERE if you’d like to attend. The cost will be $15 with food being provided! We will have some great team building competitions and the Wilderness Survival Merit Badge will be offered!

All Campout Attendees

  • Eat Friday Dinner night before drop off
  • Drop off will be at the Allatoona Aquatics Base in Campsites 2-4, Friday 7-8pm
  • Bring your Health Form Part A & B and $15
  • Don’t forget, you WILL NEED a mess kit this weekend
  • Pick up will be at the Allatoona Aquatics Base, Campsites 2-4, Sunday 9-10am

Wilderness Survival MB

If you are interested in working on the Wilderness Survival MB during this campout:

  • There will be an additional $5 charge to cover some materials that will be provided.
  • Understand that some requirements will need to be completed before attending the campout. Specifically Req. 1-5 & 9 will need to be done at home. While on the campout we will complete review your personal survival kit from Req 5, complete 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12
  • Review the Merit Badge Book here
  • YOU will need to provide a blue card from your unit, otherwise you will receive a printout noting the items we complete together.

For questions, please contact