Current Announcements:

Chapter & Lodge Announcements – January

  • Annual Dues: it’s that time of year again. Just like your troop has annual dues, so does the Order of the Arrow. 2022 Dues are $25 and can be paid at:
    Dues Flyer
  • Brotherhood: As a reminder, once you’ve been in the OA for 6 months, you are eligible to complete the Brotherhood Trail to seal your membership in the OA. If you’re an Ordeal Member, you will be eligible to complete the Brotherhood Trail at Spring Gathering. Spring Gathering and Fall Fellowship are the perfect times to complete the Brotherhood Trail as the entire weekend is at a bit more of relaxed pace compared to an induction weekend. Check out to learn more about completing the Brotherhood Trail!
    Brotherhood Flyer
  • 2022 Egwa Calendar: Don’t forget, you can subscribe to the Lodge Google Calendar at or print a copy of the calendar to hang up on your unit’s announcement board!

Upcoming Events:

  • Lodge Day of Service: Don’t forget to add the upcoming Lodge Day of Service to your calendar on Feb. 20th. It will be at the Chattahoochee Nature Center, see the flyer attached.
    Day Of Service Flyer
  • Spring Gathering: Another even that you won’t want to miss is the March 11-13th, Pirate Themed, Spring Gathering at Bert Adams! Registration will open soon, for now, be sure to checkout and share the attached save the date card!
    Spring Gathering Flyer
  • NOAC: For those who haven’t heard, the National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC) will be July 25-30 and held at the University of Tennessee! NOAC only occurs every other year and usually it is held further away and usually overlaps with the first few days of Cobb County School Year. However this year, its both close and doesn’t overlap, so if interested, this is the year to go! NOAC is a conference where thousands of arrowmen from around the country gather for fun, fellowship, and education. The event is a week long, lodging is provided in the university dorms, all meals are provide, and transportation is taken care of. NOAC can be a once in a lifetime opportunity for some, don’t miss out, learn more about NOAC 2022 today at: Not sure NOAC is for you, check out the 2022 Promo Video and then tell me it doesn’t look like a great time!
    NOAC Flyer