Chapter Events

Spring Gathering/Webelos Woods – March 9-11, 20181 at Bert Adams

Spring Gathering is great time to come out and see what the OA has to offer. There will be instructional classes, fun games, and ceremonial team judging. This year’s theme is the “Sprang Flang” and will be centered around making catapults. Webelos Woods will also be taking place at Bert Adams on the same weekend and OA Kennesaw has volunteered to assist in setting up, teaching, and running an activity. OA members should register with AAC Egwa for Spring Gathering and sign up below so our chapter knows to expect you. Please come expecting to assist with Webelos Woods as needed. Remember, the OA is a service based organization, but don’t worry, helping with Webelos Woods shouldn’t take up the bulk of your time.

March Meet & Greet – March 17th, 2018 at Transfiguration

On March 17th, Kennesaw Chapter (Foothills District) will be hosting a “get to know your brother”  Meet-&-Greet. This event is designed for newly elected candidates to come out and meet some other chapter members. It’s a perfect time to ask questions about what the OA is, what we do as a chapter, and what to expect from and how to prepare for your Induction Weekend! This event will take place outside the Family Life Center at Transfiguration from 10:30AM to 1:00PM. In case of rain the event will be moved inside the Family Life Center. Lunch will be provided by the chapter with existing chapter members bringing an item to share. There is no cost for this event. Please sign up below so we can plan for enough food.

Spring Family Camping – March 23-25, 2018 at Bert Adams

Spring Family Camping is another great opportunity to help out by staffing a camp. The Spring Family Camping will take place at Bert Adams from March 23-25. The camp leader has reached out to our chapter asking for older scouts who could help staff the event. The trip will be free for OA Staff Members, however you will be responsible for bringing your own food.

Scoutreach Mini-Camp – TBD

OA Kennesaw is in the process of attempting to plan an OA Staffed Scoutreach Mini-Camp for a foothills district scoutreach troop. The campout would focus on skill building, team competitions, merit badges, and more! Check back soon for more details and sign up.