Chapter Meetings Review

Chapter Meeting Review: How to Pack A Bug Out Bag 5/7/20

Meeting Announcements:

  • For those who may not have heard, all Spring Inductions have now been officially cancelled. 
  • If Bert Adams & Woodruff are able to open at all this summer, they will need help with setup. Watch for lodge and chapter emails regarding volunteer setup days. 
  • OA Kennesaw has completed the last of our OA Elections for the year. We have rescheduled our Chapter Meet & Greet as a virtual Meet & Greet for Thursday May 28th at 7:30 PM. Although this is more to help explain the next steps in the Induction Process to newly elected candidates, it would still be nice to have several existing OA Members in attendance. Watch for upcoming chapter emails if you are interested in helping be a speaker at the Meet & Greet.

Topic: How to Pack A Bug Out Bag (5/7/20)


Troop 204 Bug Out Bag-


Chapter News

May Chapter Meeting

Chapter Meeting (Virtual)
Date: May 7th (TONIGHT)
Time: 6:30 PM (promptly)
Location: Virtual via Zoom
Topic: How to Pack a Bug Out Bag
Hello Fellow Arrowmen,
OA Kennesaw Chapter will once again be holding a virtual Chapter Meeting TONIGHT. The start time of 6:30 PM seemed to work well, so we will continue that again tonight. This is to make sure that every one who also wants to attend the virtual Roundtable Meeting has time to finish the OA Meeting, have a quick couple minute break, and then get joined to the Roundtable Meeting.
To join the OA Kennesaw Chapter Meeting, please use the info below. As is with last month, we will be using Zoom. For Mays Meeting, we had “Not Another Knot Game” scheduled, however we have found that knots are a particularly hard skill to share via zoom, so we have done some swapping and will instead be doing “How to pack a bug out bag” for tonight. In addition to discussing and sharing what a bug out bag is and what we have in ours, we’d LOVE to see what everyone else puts in theirs!

For tonight’s meeting, if you are able to, please pack a bug out/survival bag and have it with you to share!

Zoom Meeting Info:

Zoom Meeting Info has been emailed out at 9:00am this morning. If you did not receive this email, be sure to check all our “tabs” (if you use gmail) and spam folders OR use the form on the side of this page to sign up for emails! In the meantime, if you’d like to request the meeting info for tonight’s meeting, please contact  and include your name and unit number.
Robert Carlin
Kennesaw Chapter Chief
Brotherhood Chair

Robert Carlin
AKA Scorpio


Chapter Meetings Review

Chapter Meeting Review: Water Purification Techniques 4/2/2020

Water Purification

  1. Why is it important?
    1. Water purification is important because it ensures that the water you are drinking is safe. There are several different contaminants that come from contaminated water, and also several ways to purify water. These will all be discussed here.
    2. Specific Examples of Contaminants
      1. Bacteria/Viruses 
        1. Potentially hazardous species include Legionella, which causes Legionnaires Disease (a type of pneumonia), E. coli which is caused by feces in water, and Enteroviruses, which include polioviruses, echoviruses and coxsackieviruses, which all cause an assortment of diseases
      2. Parasites
        1. Potentially hazardous parasite species includes Guinea Worms, which causes an assortment of issues like nausea, diarrhea, and fevers before the worm emerges through a blister to repopulate a water source and Schistosomiasis, which is a parasitic snail that messes up your internal organs
      3. Toxins
        1. Some toxins (defined here as chemicals and metals) are purposely introduced in small amounts to kill bacteria and parasites, but can be toxic in larger doses
        2. Common toxins include chlorine, lead, hydrogen sulfide, and chloride 
      4. Other Impurities
        1. Other impurities include a large amount of ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates, which are produced by decomposing matter and bacteria, Cholera, which is a disease which is caused by drinking contaminated water and getting diarrhea, which can lead to dehydration.
  2. Identification of Water Source/Type, Red Flags, & What of the above to be concerned about with each
    1. Groundwater
      1. Groundwater is water that is held in the soil or in rock crevices. Groundwater is used by 51% of the total US population and 99% of the rural population. The best way to find groundwater is to look at the topography of the area you are in. The most common contaminants are metals and chemicals. Red Flags for groundwater are if it is by any roads or habitated areas. Groundwater usually looks clear since the ground filters out large particles, but you can’t always see chemicals and metals in the water.
    2. Lakes/Reservoirs
      1. Lakes are formed by surface water runoff build up, and reservoirs are formed by blocking up a river or stream (Fun Fact, there are no natural lakes in Georgia. All are reservoirs).  US lakes are used for both recreation and for water sources. Common contaminants are organic ones like algae, chemicals and metals, and occasionally bacteria and parasites. Red flags for lakes and reservoirs are algae blooms, areas with lots of boats and people, and if you can see a film on the water. It is usually also better to collect water for consumption from a deeper part of the lake.
    3. Rivers, Streams and Creeks
      1. Formed by precipitation runoff. Used in the US for both recreation and for water sources. Common contaminants are chemicals, metals, parasites, and bacteria. Red flags are mucky water, visible sewage or drainage pipes, and areas with high numbers of people. As a general rule fast moving water is usually safer.
    4. Rainwater Collection
      1. Rainwater collection is done with some sort of collection system that gathers rainwater in a collection reservoir. These are used for personal use. While some states have laws prohibiting rainwater collection, but Georgia doesn’t. Common contaminants are chemicals from acid rain, bacteria, and parasites. Red flags are film on the water and visible parasites and insect larvae.
    5. Seawater
      1. Salt water is normally not a safe water source due to the high salt concentration, but by using a process called desalination you can remove the water and make it safe. This is a method that is being used more and more around the world. Contaminants can include excess salt, parasites, and chemicals and metals from drainage and high numbers of people. Red flags can be high numbers of people, shallow murky water, and visible drainage pipes.
  3. Methods of Water Purification & which method is suitable for which type of the above water sources
    1. Boiling
      1. Boiling water is used for killing parasites and bacteria in the water. If the water is cloudy, then you have to let it settle and filter it through a clean cloth or coffee filter. After that, bring it to a boil then let it cool off. After that it should be safe to drink. This is the overall safest method, and usually the easiest to do in a survival situation.
    2. Chemical
      1. There are several different chemicals used,but all of them release some form of chlorine or iodine into the water to kill bacteria and parasites. To use, just follow the instructions on the bottle. This is one is good for all types of water sources.
    3. Filter
      1. There are several types of filters of different sizes, with some being for personal use and some for attaching to a water source like a hose or sink faucet. The main types of filters are mechanical filters, which use actual filters to filter out large particles and contaminants, biological filters, which use beneficial bacteria to remove chemicals from the water, and chemical filters, which use chemical purification in a portable container. Biological and chemical filters are usually used for home and aquarium filters, and mechanical filters are usually portable. This is one of the most commonly used methods due to you not needing to do much.
    4. Solar Still
      1. Used for desalination, you put salt water into the still, which then evaporates and leaves the salt behind, with the now fresh water flowing into a collection area. This one is really only useful for seawater.

Things to Show

  • LifestrawBackpacking Stove & Small Pot or Metal Cup
  • Materials to demonstrate a solar still
  • Purification Tablets
  • Troop filter hose
  • Anything else?


  • How about some mini “water purification” cheat sheets that could go in a wallet or be danlger behind the OA name tag. 
  • What if we bought and brought a couple lifestraws to give out as prizes at the end?
    ($20ish of Chapter Budget)


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Chapter News

Virtual Chapter Meeting – April

Chapter Meeting (Virtual)
Date: April 2nd
Time: 6:30 PM (promptly)
Location: Virtual via Zoom
Topic: Water Purification

Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to give a heads up that we WILL still be holding our OA Kennesaw Chapter Meeting this Thursday virtually. We have bumped the time up a little bit to 6:30 PM. This is to make sure that every one who also wants to attend the virtual Roundtable Meeting has time to finish the OA Meeting, have a quick couple minute break, and then get joined to the Roundtable Meeting.

To join the OA Kennesaw Chapter Meeting, please use the info below. As is the case with many groups lately, we will be using Zoom! For Aprils Meeting, we will be discussion Water Purification! Why it’s necessary, how to do it, and what methods work for what type of water. We will also be discussing our upcoming chapter calendar. So come on out and join us this Thursday at 6:30 PM! Don’t forget, by attending Chapter Meetings, you are helping your unit get closer to earning the OA Unit of Excellence award.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 419 923 186

One tap mobile
+13126266799,,419923186# US (Chicago)
+19294362866,,419923186# US (New York)

Dial by your location
+1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)
+1 929 436 2866 US (New York)
+1 346 248 7799 US (Houston)
+1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)
+1 253 215 8782 US
+1 301 715 8592 US
Meeting ID: 419 923 186
Find your local number:

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to email

Robert Carlin
Kennesaw Chapter Chief
Brotherhood Chair

Robert Carlin
AKA Scorpio

Chapter News

Meet & Greet Postponed

Due to the current situation and the fact that there are at least a few troops who had to cancel and reschedule their elections and therefore have not had the opportunity to elect scouts, the Meet & Greet has been officially postponed. More information will be sent out via email as the situation progresses.

Chapter Meetings Review

Chapter Meeting Review: OA High Adventure 3/5/20

Arrowmen have a unique opportunity to have a High Adventure experience that is not available to other scouts.  See the video & links below for more information.

Do you need an escape from that 9-5 job, summer classes, or the monotony of staring out of your bedroom window longing for something new? If your answer is yes, the Order of the Arrow has the answer for you!

Each summer, the Order of the Arrow offers a myriad of different High Adventure opportunities to meet your summer needs. Maybe it’s wetting your appetite by going for a plunge in the Atlantic Ocean with the Ocean Adventure at the Florida Sea Base. Or maybe hiking is your passion; if so, what better place to go than the Philmont Scout Ranch, where you can hike the same trails as your Scoutmaster or Scouting ancestors as a part of your Trail Crew experience? Have you ever thought about what the Native Americans and early explorers did to be avid traders? Maybe the OA Voyage is your calling. Whatever your summer aspirations may be, these National High Adventure bases have put together a multitude of options for you.

Along with your one week trek completely designed by you, each Arrowman will be afforded the opportunity to leave their mark in history by helping to sure up portage trails, backpacking trails, or coral reefs. Aside from providing a good deed to each of these high adventure bases, every participant will have the opportunity to work closely with other Arrowmen from across the country, who have a similar interest in the future of both the program and the adventure base.

You may be thinking that this is a daunting task, but it is an experience unlike any other afforded to you in Scouting, in that it takes you out of your world and places you with people who want to do something different. It’s not every day that you can tell your friends that you climbed into Cypher’s Mine, watched the Northern Lights from a canoe, or went scuba diving in the Florida Keys.

These programs help to insure that the future of Scouting has a place to live, work and interact. This summer, try something new or do something you thoroughly enjoy! Your destiny awaits you…



OA Canadian Odyssey (Northern Tier)

The Order of the Arrow Wilderness Voyage: Canadian Odyssey program is an experience like no other. For two weeks, you will join together with Arrowmen from around the country and experience the wild beauty of the Quetico Provincial Park of Ontario, Canada.

  • Session 1 – June 10 – 24, 2020 (Coed Crew)
  • Session 2 – June 17 – July 1, 2020 (Male Crew)
  • Session 3 – June 24 -July 8, 2020 (Male Crew)
  • Session 4 – July 1 – 15, 2020 (Coed Crew)
  • Session 5 – July 8 – 22, 2020 (Male Crew)
  • Session 6 – July 15 – 29, 2020 (Male Crew)

OA Ocean Adventure (Florida Sea Base)

The Order of the Arrow, Ocean Adventure, in cooperation with the Florida Sea Base, offers you an opportunity to provide cheerful service while experiencing the adventure and fun of one of the greatest ecosystems on our planet – the Florida Keys and the waters which surround them.

  • Session 1 – May 27 – June 4, 2020 (Coed Crew)
  • Session 2 – June 1 – June 9, 2020 (Male Crew)
  • Session 3 – June 6 – June 14, 2020 (Coed Crew)
  • Session 4 – June 11 – June 19, 2020 (Male Crew)
  • Session 5 – June 16 – June 24, 2020 (Coed Crew)
  • Session 6 – June 21 – June 29, 2020 (Male Crew)
  • Session 7 – June 26 – July 4, 2020 (Coed Crew)
  • Session 8 – July 1 – July 9, 2020 (Male Crew)
  • Session 9 – July 6 – July 14, 2020 (Coed Crew)
  • Session 10 – July 11 – July 19, 2020 (Male Crew)
  • Session 11 – July 16 – July 24, 2020 (Coed Crew)
  • Session 12 – July 21 – July 29, 2020 (Male Crew)

OA Summit Experience (Summit Bechtel Reserve)

The Order of the Arrow Summit Experience program is an experience like no other. For 8 days, you will join together with Arrowmen from around the country and experience all that the Summit in West Virginia has to offer.

  • Session 1 – June 14 – 21, 2020 (Coed Crew)
  • Session 2 – June 21 – June 28, 2020 (Male Crew)
  • Session 3 – June 28 -July 5, 2020 (Coed Crew)
  • Session 4 – July 5 – 12, 2020 (Male Crew)
  • Session 5 – July 12 – 19, 2020 (Coed Crew)
  • Session 6 – July 19 – 26, 2020 (Male Crew)

OA Trail Crew (Philmont Scout Ranch)

The Order of the Arrow Trail Crew program is one of the best ways to experience Scouting’s premier high adventure base, Philmont Scout Ranch. For two weeks, participants see and experience all that Philmont has to offer and much more.

  • Session 1 – Jun 8-22, 2020 (Coed Crew)
  • Session 2 – Jun 15-29, 2020 (Male Crew)
  • Session 3 – Jun 22-Jul 6, 2020 (Male Crew)
  • Session 4 – Jun 29-Jul 13, 2020 (Coed Crew)
  • Session 5 – Jul 6-20, 2020 (Male Crew)
  • Session 6 – Jul 13-27, 2020 (Male Crew)

OA Wilderness Voyage (Northern Tier)

The Order of the Arrow Wilderness Voyage program is an experience like no other. For two weeks, you will join together with Arrowmen from around the country and experience all that the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in northern Minnesota has to offer.

  • Session 1 – June 10 – 24, 2020 (Coed Crew)
  • Session 2 – June 17 – July 1, 2020 (Male Crew)
  • Session 3 – June 24 -July 8, 2020 (Male Crew)
  • Session 4 – July 1 – 15, 2020 (Coed Crew)
  • Session 5 – July 8 – 22, 2020 (Male Crew)
  • Session 6 – July 15 – 29, 2020 (Male Crew)



Chapter News

Chapter Bowling Review

The Chapter Bowling night seemed to be a great success lat night! We had 20+ people, everyone seemed to have a good time, it all worked out well! If you want to see any of the pics, just click the collage below to see them all.

Chapter News

Chapter Bowling Outing

As part of our increased activity in 2020, the Chapter has set a goal to have at least 1 chapter outing every month! These outings will typically be on the 3rd Thursday of the month. For February, we have scheduled a bowling night! It was so much fun over summer that we wanted to do one again! This event is open to OA Members AND Their Families. Sign up is required so we know how many lanes to reserve. Please use the link below to sign up.


Who: This event is open to current OA Kennesaw Chapter Members AND their families! 
Where:Stars and Strikes in Woodstock
When: Thursday, Feb 20th from 6:30pm-9:00pm
Cost: About $15 for bowling, $$ for arcade (if desired), money for snacks (if desired)
Sign Up: HERE

Chapter News

Troop 2319 Earns the OA Unit of Excellence!

Congratulations to Troop 2319 from Unity North Atlanta!! Troop 2319 was the only unit in the entire Foothills District to earn the Order of the Arrow Unit of Excellence in 2019 and one of only 3 units in the entire Atlanta Area Council. In fact, less than 1% of units national receive the OA Unit of Excellence Award each year! Thank you guys for stepping up and support and promoting the National Honor Society of Scouting. As a chapter, we appreciate your support and look forward to more units promoting the OA in 2020.

For more information about the OA Unit of Excellence, you can check out If you’re another unit in Foothills District and want to work towards the OA Unit of Excellence in 2020 and have question, feel free to email me at