Upcoming Events

We still have some great events left this year, check out the Lodge’s Website to see the full calendar, but the next few are:

Registration Deadline
Oct 13 Alternate Lodge Day of Service Closed East View Cemetery

Oct 20

Lodge Day of Service


Chattahoochee River NRA

Nov 2-4

Fall Induction Weekend


Bert Adams Scout Camp

Don’t forget, if you were elected in the 2018 election cycle earlier this year, this is your last chance to complete your Induction into the OA. If you miss this final opportunity, you will have to be re-elected by your troop at your next election to attend an Induction Weekend. Even if you have already been inducted into the Order of the Arrow, I encourage everyone to attend as there is a lot to do to make an Induction Weekend happen, so come on out and lend a hand if you can!